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The central Shenandoah Valley in Virginia is steeped in history – whether the crucial role the area played during the Civil War & Battlefield Histories, Architecture, or Influential People and Events – there is much to explore. Note that, at one time, the Shenandoah Valley was considered the Frontier – before our country expanded West. There are many places to visit, historical markers, and unique-to-the-area artifacts to explore.


Vineyards, Breweries and Cideries

Rockbridge County is home to a number of Vineyards, Breweries, and Cideries which offer visitors a chance to enjoy local vintage wines,  craft beers, and ciders. These Vineyards, Breweries, and Cideries provide opportunities for locals and tourists to experience the flavors of the region, whether through wine tastings, beer flights, or simply enjoying the ambiance and views – often outdoors. Each establishment has its own unique charm and offerings for visitors to explore and enjoy. See tips in each blog to give you a flavor of the unique offering each provides. I would also point out that the quality of these offerings is very good and I compare that to international standards as well as US wide standards.

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Agritourism offers visitors a chance to connect with the region’s vast agricultural heritage and natural beauty. From Bee Keeping & Honey to Lavender Fields to Pick-Your-Own Farms and Orchards to the beautiful and diverse Vineyards, Ciders and Distilleries to the oldest continuously operating Grist Mill in Virginia and even a Bread Farm. Agritourism activities are particularly abound in this area.

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Scenic Rides

This section includes a number of half-day to full-day drive drive experiences in the area. What you’ll find here is uniquely included in our website as it’s founded on our love of Motorbikes – we’ve travelled extensively on Motorbikes across the Northeast US and New England, Europe and more recently the Shenandoah Valley. We’ve explored this area deeply finding logical local trips which can be experienced as a broader ride. They include remote excursions as well as area-to-area drives and while all of the areas are different – they all offer the diverse and natural beauty of the landscape that is common to the area – a common area palette if you will. Notably, this area is so vast it could take 20+ years to fully explore! Take a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway and explore the winding country roads or spend time relaxing by floating down a nearby river as part of one of your drives. Experience scenic rides within Rockbridge County and beyond into nearby Bath, Nelson, or Augusta Counties in Virginia and even into West Virginia into Pocahontas county and beyond. One thing is for sure – you’ll find literally hundreds of places where you can just pull over and create an ad-hoc experience – bring a meal, a drink and a blanket and create a memory. We’ll continue to blog here and also add Bicycle routes to cover the uniqueness of the roads more local to Brownsburg.

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Downtown Lexington and Staunton

Area towns offer vibrant and historic city centers with their own unique charm. In Lexington you’ll find a stunning Main Street lined with quaint shops, local restaurants, and well-preserved 19th century architecture. Lexington also boasts a long and unique history dating pre and post Civil War and has many unique elements as such. In Staunton, you will find a bustling downtown with a vibrant arts and  cultural scene – essentially a Bohemian vibe. Both downtowns provide visitors with a delightful mix of history, culture, and local flavors to explore and enjoy. Other area towns include Charlottesville; famous as it includes several Presidential properties and a large, historic downtown with many shops, cafes & restaurant options. There are many others within an hours drive and I’ll post further on this in the future.

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Antiquing in the central Shenandoah Valley is a rich experience. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of antique furniture, vintage jewelry, an old book, or a piece of antique decor, local antique shops provide a curated collection of different items from different eras. Visitors can browse through a wide array of antiques and uncover hidden gems while learning about rich history of the area. Look for the tips in each blog to identify the specialties of each shop.


Local Attractions

In this section, I’ll highlight some of the more formal local attractions to add to your next trip to the area. This includes a few larger-scale and unique state parks, a safari park, a drive-in movie theater, as well as several that are unique to this area; Virginia Horse Center, Five US Presidents homes, and the Natural Bridge State Park

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Unique Locations

While the central Shenandoah Valley in Virginia is known for its rich history and many amenities, attractions, etc. there are also some lesser known paces and experiences ‘off-the-beathen-path’ and sometimes in plain sight. These hidden facets provide hidden gems that can add depth to your experience in this charming, historic town and some are just plan creepy.

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Bicycle Rides

The area surrounding our B&B is a rich and preferred area for Bicyclers (Cyclists) given the natural beauty of the landscape, the safety of the roadways, and the mix of paved and unpaved roads to add interest and challenge. We’ve highlighted 8 rides, of which 6 pass directly in front of our B&B.


Parks, Hikes and Water Adventures

The central Shenandoah Valley is rich in Outdoor Adventure options and provides a great mix of park systems, hikes of varying challenge levels and plenty of outdoor water adventures.

We’ve captured 50+ unique experiences in and around Brownsburg and the surrounding areas to help you maximize your groups experience while staying at the Old Brownsburg Store, B&B. Each experience has been summarized with tips and logistics information to allow for efficient planning – the categories include Agritourism, Antiquing, Downtown Lexington and Staunton, History, Local Attractions, Local Parks and Hikes, Scenic Rides, Unique Locations, and Vineyards, Breweries & Cideries.

Check back as we’re continuing to make updates to our Blogs regularly.